Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Banner/Image Rotator

Let's say you need to rotate image, banner etc. Just replace Text in ad array and in links array, define your image properties... and you done! (PS. both array must be the same length)

Paste this code between "<BODY>" and "</BODY>"


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how can i insert time interval?

Anonymous said...

Fake script! Don't use or if you use, you will lose time.

Steffi said...
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Steffi said...

Opps deleted my comment, here it is again.
This code does work, you just have to fix the line breaks in the code else some bits are noted out.
It shows a random image from the list each time the page loads.
You can also edit it to exclude the image width and height if your images are not all the same size.

Anonymous said...

Here's the script (Comments Removed)